just you wait | the creature

I went to see The Creature at the Ballet. It was sold out. It had rave reviews during the last season. It had its moments. I liked it well enough. It was beautifully choreographed.

I’ve been spoiled since Hamilton. I’d gladly have chanced the Solstice rituals that people believe will give them a chance at Hamilton tickets (harder to get than Green cards, they say). I loved the production last year. It had been impossible to obtain tickets; everything had been sold out early at all price ranges. I had given up. Fortunately, I finally managed to go along with a doctor who had tickets from his employer. It was worth the indignity of calling the box office everyday, of filling in endless raffle forms, of calling everyone I knew and asking if they had tickets.

I have been lukewarm about theatrical productions after Hamilton. I am still wondering if I should go for Nijinsky later next month. I wonder how closely the production mirrors the rise and tragedies of one of the greatest dancers of modern ballet. I think I won’t say no if I get the chance to tag along with a more hardcore fan.