Tropic Thunder

Kirk Lazarus and Les Grossman! I loved the movie. It was on my to-watch list for a while. I finally got around to it. I recommend it, for a lazy summer evening, for when you have nothing to do, for when you want to shut out the silliness outside, and settle down for tea and giggles.

I was browsing the local bookstore. I had just finished my grocery shopping and wanted to buy a book to reward myself for avoiding Doordash for a month. Really, it has been hard to manage, given the rather long hours I have worked recently. I think I am back on the straight and the narrow now. French-cut green beans and cherries saved my resolution.

I ran into someone I used to know, a rarity in that bookstore, given how sparsely populated it is usually on lazy weekends when everyone is off at the beaches or in the city. Glück im Unglück.? I remember vividly many conversations about books and bookshelves. I remember envying their collection of Greek tragedies. Armed with Julian Barnes and coffee, I regrouped and set off to dinner.

My summer mini-projects are chugging along. While I think neither Sibelius nor my mother would approve of my latest attempts at decorating, I am quite pleased with my progress. At this rate, I might even detail the car before summer ends.

A friend left for Mexico, to visit his family. Another came back from Mexico. Hearing the tales of colors and warmth, I want to make the trip myself. I will hold off on that. I have to sort out my garden. It is a state of unruliness that matches my hair. It is slipping through the to-do lists, but the plants seem healthy for now as I find excuses to avoid the sweltering heat outside.

There are red flowers today.