The other Mary’s gospel

After a long while, I went to the symphony for John Adams’s Gospel, according to the other Mary.

It was a different crowd; I cannot recollect having seen so many young people there before. At the intermissions, they talked politics and protests.  In my limited experience, the everyday man here tries his best to stay out of that stuff, and there are systemic efforts at every level to keep him ignorant and complacent. Even voting is an act usually out of scope for most, though I suppose that is likely because of the fact that they don’t get time off from work to vote.

Now I hear discussions about gerrymandering and immigration, about foreign policy and redlining, about healthcare and education, about military spending and mortgages. I feel optimistic about this growing awareness. Asking the right questions can only happen once you start asking questions.

New concert partner is a doctor. Plenty of interesting anecdotes, about people and their lives, about little and big things that happen to them, and about the growing changes in opinion in the community about mental health and stress.

The rains today reminded me of a cousin, Rose. We had been close growing up, though we had been different in temperament and had different interests. Same age.  What I remember is that I had come home from school, and it had been the peak of the monsoon rains, and I had been told the news that they had accidentally given her a higher dose of anesthesia for a simple medical procedure. She was in a coma for years. We visited her, at the nursing home where she was for a while, and then later at her house. She died many years later. Sometimes, when it rains a lot, and when the skies are overcast grey, I think of her.

My mother had called. I am struck hard by homesickness, all of a sudden. So I have decided to read a bit and distract myself from that.

Nancy Isenberg’s White Trash book, about the class struggle over four hundred years, starting from Jamestown, and from London, has made me question so much. I think I will go find a nice romance book, set in an exotic location, with some aliens added to the the mix, to settle down with.