Waterfall | Vegas

I find that the beginning is the hardest to write, except for the end. I haven’t come here in a while, because I have been composing a beginning, and it has been taking me time.

A friend of mine had great success in Vegas, at the CES (not the casinos). She came back bearing news of victory and flattering press, of a job well done. She is highly talented, and determined, so I was glad for a well-deserved triumph. She spoke to me of waterfalls, of the roughness of the last two years, and of how she was glad to have me around, if only to irk her with my terrible attempts at philosophy. I guess she thinks it too politically incorrect to mention that my terrible musical skills makes it convenient to have me handy when attempting to flirt with poor musicians in downtowns. Off she goes north without me now, but we will see other waterfalls together. Sometimes, it surprises me how often we go through life, thinking ourselves alone, only to find that there had been grace unasked for all along, in friendships quiet and present.

Speaking of Vegas, the demos from the automakers made it look as if everything cool will happen this year. More and more assistive technology is making way to production. It makes me happy to see that. Thinking of those like my mother who didn’t learn to drive for various reasons and circumstantial causes, what is being done will help bring mobility and independence to a significant segment of us, one day.

I listened to a President’s farewell speech. It reminded me of waterfalls again. It may all look downhill from here, to some, but there is no denying that it was good, right then, with a well-meaning man speaking well, and speaking optimistically, of the next generation. It has been weary, here, and at home, with incessant political rhetoric and religion-based, class-based divisiveness, but even the weariest river winds to the sea, eventually. There must be equilibrium, someday.  I have been reading two books that look at these issues: White Trash, A Hillbilly elegy. I recommend them both, if you have the stomach for this sort of thing, since it is not exactly bedtime reading material, and ignorance does bring its own kind of peace which I personally can’t claim to dislike.

I saw lots of packing boxes at the Yahoo campus. I wonder what the merger with AOL will now bring about. I wonder what Altabba will do. It has been a rough, strange ride for them. I dug out my Solomon and comforted a friend who was working in their research division, but Solomon was little comfort to him. He is clever and good at marketing himself, so I hope and feel confident in his chances to land well on his feet.

What is named has significance. I am wary these days of naming on the blog. I reserve the hassle for those who matter a great deal. I am thinking now, of what it means.

I have been a paperwork fiend this week. I still have many more papers to sort through, but I am determined to trudge through. I haven’t yet started on my grand January diet, but I guess the fifteenth is a good date as well. I will have to drink all my wine before that.

I have lost some weight as a result of my trip. I am sure I will gain the pounds back, because cake and wine does my diet make, having plum cakes from home and cheap, delicious wine from my favorite grocery store.

This weekend – I had plans, though I have had to cancel them. Now I am too lazy to replan. So I think I shall stay in and write, unless adventure seduces me away from the warm blankets and my tea.

Happy New Year.