Scar | Scare | Scarf

A friend of mine had a medical procedure last week. The scars worry her now. They are quite marked and I can only wonder about the pain. I hope she heals soon. I am more concerned about that than about the scars.

Attacked by pimples over the last few months, I attempted a brave and bold method to get rid of them before Christmas. It seems to have worked. I am keeping my fingers crossed. One more week! I am looking forward to a quiet, wound-down, low-key Christmas. I am done with socializing for the year.

An old colleague of mine joined my current company this week. I am not too pleased by this development, mainly because this brings back memories of extreme incompetence mixed with terrible gossip. I like my gossip curated. At least, we shan’t be working together, and I am thankful for the small mercies.


There was an earthquake scare yesterday night. I slept through it. I am used to tremors because of a train line in close proximity.

I have been trying to mentally pack, to figure out what I need to arrange and sort out before I leave next week. This venture has been futile because of my tendency to wool-gather and worry about 2017.

I am quite tired, after a few difficult years, and I am loathe to leave my comfy shell to risk draining myself emotionally.

It is unpleasant to give, to listen, to be patient, to be supportive, and all the rest of that package, when there is little effort to acknowledge or reciprocate.  It is bad enough that I work in an industry full of people who wouldn’t be out of place on Big Bang Theory or Silicon Valley. Dragging all of it home is inadvisable, and I am trying hard to follow my own advice.

Friends went to the SF Opera’s Aida, and someone broke into their car.  The spate of robberies and related incidents always go up around Christmas, I have heard locals say.

Sibelius plans to do one of his intrepid travel plans, zig-zagging across from east to west, and back east. I don’t have my usual level-headedness to talk him out of it. Maybe, hopefully, his mother will.


There is a WhatsApp group for old community friends and my life is starkly different from theirs now. It makes me uncomfortable.

I saw a picture of Johnny Depp with many scarves. He could give Steve Tyler a run for his money. It also made me think of aging. He had been aging well through his forties, but now he looks a relic.  How will I age, I wonder? I must remember to eat more coconuts.

At least, the scarves are plentiful. I have a lovely one as a Christmas gift, which I will wear on New Year Day. I plan to leave no stone unturned when it comes to setting up auspiciousness for the next year.

Happy Christmas.