some cake, some faith

I am off south-west this week. The change of location ought to clear some cobwebs from my head.

Today was rough. My upstairs neighbours woke me up because their kid was screaming and there was much shouting from the mother too. There was sounds of scuffles and running about. The walls are thin. I couldn’t get the child’s shouting out of my head all day.  I am a bit sensitive when it comes to children and how they are treated, even if they aren’t kids I know. Physical roughness is difficult to watch. Even worse is emotional abuse. Kids don’t have the defenses necessary to weather that. They shouldn’t have to. The world is messed up, though, and most kids grow to develop the defenses against a world that treated them callously, albeit, hopefully because of ignorance. The more I see, the more I hear, I turn more scared about how lightly people take the business of caring and raising children. It is a daunting task, and one that deserves more thought and devotion than most of us can provide. Best not to do it, unless you are certain you can set aside that time to be careful in caring.

A bike was pushed to the road by an insufficiently caffeinated car-driver this morning. Veered and braked, in time, but was quite shaken afterwards. Commute routes are generally done on auto-pilot, especially in the mornings. I try to be mindful and fully present when driving, but it was still more luck than intention which made me respond as fast as I did, and that left me shaking for hours after the incident. I do believe in getting the humans out of the loop, into the passengers’ seat, for commutes.

A close friend is undergoing a difficult period in her life, and I have been quite useless in providing any succor. We had a short, futile talk today on the phone, but I don’t really think it made much of a difference. When people go through certain sort of personal struggles, there isn’t much anyone else can do. Some journeys are necessarily solitary.

I wished someone a happy birthday. I had arranged for a tiramisu delivery to their address. When I received tiramisu at my address this evening, I thought I had messed up the billing and delivery. Then I realised that it was only one more instance of two people thinking alike. It was a relief to end the day on that note. Some cake, for some faith.

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