Six month update

I haven’t been at my most dutiful in updating the blog.

In January, I spent most of my time searching for a new place to live. I complained at length about the rent prices and the quality of life around here. I combed various listings and ran around visiting many, many apartments. I did manage to find a place that suited me, and met most of my criteria. Now I hope I can extend it for another year. Work was finally easing after a few grueling months, thanks to the annual demo faring relatively well with the upper echelons.

February saw me rushing around to complete the move. Then I packed up and went home to complete some legal formalities. It was a quick trip, with little peace or settling in. The jet-lag left me unusually drained.

Back again in March, I spent a great deal of time setting up the new apartment. Work was picking up pace again, and I had interviews going on. The end of March saw the wrapping up of interviews, thankfully. I decided to take time away and go to the East Coast.

New York was lovely, and I walked about listening to Cohen. Elvis died and Madison Square Garden was purple. Sibelius joined me and showed me the sights that he had wanted to show me for a long time. We went off to Boston, and there was sailing at Harvard on the Charles River. We went to rallies for Bernie Sanders at Long Island. I came back, with more purpose than I had in a long while, and decided on where to go work next.

May was tumultuous. There was a great deal of paperwork. There was a great deal of paperwork that needed to be redone. Then there was a blues event in an unincorporated township nearby where we ate cioppino and danced until midnight. Then it was off to the new job. Someone I had hoped to see there had already left. It didn’t make for the most auspicious start. Life went on. I made a getaway to the Northwest, into the wilds on the verge of the Oregon border. Summer was setting in then, and I found myself sunburned.


In June, there was some minor improvements all around, though none significant enough to write home about. There were blooms in my new garden. I got a gift of new running shoes. I went off to the East Coast again, to Ann Arbor, and then to Atlanta, and participated in Elisabeth’s annual summer party. I spent some time in the Peninsula to help a friend move.

July began well, and I finally made it to Fremont to visit a couple dear and their lovely son. They assured me that there was plenty of time to get what I wanted, and that I was trying to rush for no reason. It helped.

Then there was some terrible news; about a friend who had died, and the causes were unknown. He had given me a bright, blue sari. He had taught me some Hindi. He had been supportive of my goals at a time when I had been unsure.  He had been kind to everyone, and that sort of person is a rare thing.

I am still in the process of rebuilding from the wreckage of the last few years. It is not easy at times, especially when I catch myself thinking that I should have fixed matters sooner, that I should not have prolonged what had been necessary to end, in various aspects of life. Regret is a queasy feeling, but it is a passing one, as much as it seems to last forever while contemplating in the moment. It’s all about the forest and the trees, as an old friend is fond of telling me.


I have a bunch of concert tickets for the summer. I look forward to those. Most are in San Francisco, but some are in Concord and LA.  They will keep me busy for the next three months and I will see friends there. Hopefully, there shall be no more dire news and things shall even out a bit. At some point, after all, life must move from the plot of a Russian novel to mundane suburbia.

Someone I had known for a good portion of my life with was married recently, and it was done in a hasty manner, without telling friends. I felt alienated, only due to the secrecy and the lack of trust in old confidants. People change, but the message doesn’t need to be as drastic. Life must go on, and I am told that I need to lighten up. Hopefully, Douglas Adams will fix all of this.

I haven’t been good about remembering birthdays or anniversaries, or about congratulating folks on their weddings, babies or promotions. For what it is worth, it isn’t deliberate. Things have been rough and they needed work with my head down and focused, and I have been trying to get enough momentum to make a few changes I really want to this year. Scattering my thoughts and time messes life up in unexpected ways, so I am trying not to do that. Much love and good wishes to you.