Year-closer : lingerie | nothing-else-matters | weather

[Renewed the blog for the sixth year just now – I have been here five years. I don’t think I have lived for five years at any single place. I have kept other blogs, some older than this, but this is close to my life, because of how openly I have written at times of myself. I find it uncomfortable to write about works in progress, and I am one, but I still manage to write about it in a half-way coherent manner and it surprises me.]

“French women spend 20% of their income on lingerie,” my friend says as we sit huddled against the cold.

“Wow, it might be better to invest that money,” I reply.

“Ah, but this is the best investment of all. This is investing in their future, in the men.”

I have half a mind to call him out on reading too much Cosmo or whatever buzzfeed post he has been trawling through when at work and bored. Mating games are not really my area of expertise. I let it be. His latest love-interest does seem to be very dedicated to pushing up her assets. Maybe this is a fallout of that association.

I am curious though. I ask a few female friends and they mention answers I have heard in connection with high-heels and make-up. It makes them feel more confident. It makes them feel more beautiful.

It takes all kinds, and Alexander’s Mum liked to keep snakes around for feeling confident and beautiful. There are many different ways to buy validation (from self or from others or from both quarters) or feel-good, and I guess lace and back-pain are harmless in the grand scheme of things.

There was a Christmas party where I might had a bit too much liquid encouragement. I am told by reliable sources that I was very attentive to a long-suffering woman and that she indulged some of my peculiar whims. Senpai!

The Bowie CD is coming in January. It sounds very Outer Space, and there is so much Major Tom.

I have received my tickets for Metallica in February.

It has been quite cold here, unusually so. I hear from Sibelius that he is in short-sleeves gambolling around and enjoying the July Christmas on the East Coast. Well, good for them. I have had to break out my winter-coat for the first time in California. I usually can get by with sweaters and am quite surprised by the turn of the weather.

My air-conditioning system chose to give up just as we went below zero. Luckily, I am supposedly a rambling wreck from an illustrious institution, well-equipped to deal with wrecked appliances. I also caulked my windows and repaired the dish-washer all in the same week. Wrapping around, this is how I seek validation. Also, my incredible mapping and localization skills when lost.

My mother does not think these are valuable skills to mention when she is sipping tea with societal matrons who are bragging about their sons. My handiness, around the house and outside, shall go unmentioned in the annals of our gossipy social circles.