Well, look at what you have done

Sent out the last batch of Christmas cards.

I have decided to skip my usual Christmas post on social networks.

I find that social networking doesn’t work for me, because I find that I like depth when reading about matters I am interested in, and matters I am interested in are rarely delved into by people I am acquainted with through social networks. Links to half-baked Huffington post or medium.com articles, or even half-way decent news sites, rarely go into detail or offer relevant citations. I don’t have the patience for videos. I don’t see the point in supporting various folks’s endeavours (culinary, photography, music, blogs) through clicking likes or sharing, if I don’t consider it good enough by my subjective standards – liking people and liking what they do don’t overlap for me.

A deeper issue is that the graphic and disturbing pictures that float around isn’t something that I want to see. I use social networks to keep up with the happenings in friends’s lives. What films did they watch recently and enjoy? Do they recommend something? Have they married? Do they have kids? Is there anything they mention which could be something I can help with? It is good to know that they support this or that grand cause, but I don’t need that thrust into my head with horrifying visuals.

I browsed Facebook after a few weeks, and saw that it was full of friends sharing posts about Nirbhaya and what they consider appropriate punishment. Posting triggering visuals and flashy headlines doesn’t really help, no matter however righteous or good the intentions might be.