Mutton biriyani

Sending Sibelius off today.

Managed to scrounge up a day off from work, with great difficulty, and spent half of it in gloves dealing with slippery meat, hoping to pull off the Mutton biriyani which I made once somehow. It smells all right and looks all right, so I hope it is close enough to the original.

Made custard with fresh cream and that might save the failure of everything else.

Have succeeded in finding a mutually acceptable wine from my favourite, local alcohol outlet. It is worrying that I have a favourite, local alcohol outlet.

Attended his presentation at Stanford, and was reminded of the last one in 2013. It was very well done. I took photos to send to his parents. God, he has grown so.

It is sad to see all the suitcases and packed bags in his flat. I dislike it when I have to watch people leave. I dislike it even more when I have to ferry them to the airport and then wave goodbye. It is the second time I am doing that (Yoda, leaving Atlanta for Mountain View was the first) and it is still quite unpleasant despite knowing what to expect.

I think I have enough time to try and cobble up a quiche. I ought to get to it. It will at least prevent him subsisting on Doritos and pizza over the weekend once he gets back to Boston. I like to think that my eating habits were never as frightful as that, back in grad-school. It was true, if only because I didn’t have eating habits. I had drinking habits (caffeine and milk).

Time to go.

It is the first weekend after a long time that I haven’t been handed a plan for. Could be interesting.