Malai Paneer – A tale of gluttony

This is a tale of gluttony and sloth. Rather, this is a tale induced by gluttony and sloth. Rather, gluttony -> sloth -> tale.

I had North Indian fare for the first time in months. I love paneer. So I could not resist the idea of ordering in from a new restaurant nearby that had been receiving rave reviews from coworkers recently.

“What is the best paneer dish you have?” I asked over the phone.

“Malai Paneer,” said the waiter, with a dreamy voice that ended in a sigh.

Oh, well, that decided my fate then.

It was as he had promised. The paneer was succulent and soft, the spices and the aroma took me to culinary heaven, and the yummy butter naans they provided made the perfect complement.

I was sated and happy. After a few days of sleeping little due to work, I had chalked up this Friday for Sabbath. Time to sleep. I had wanted to write a longer blog post today, because I have a lot of important things to recount from the past week. Full meals tend to take me by surprise. My body, as used as it is to a meal averaged over a day, and at the maximum two, likes to shut down and sleep when it is treated to rich, creamy food.

Even as I write this, my hands are falling away from the keyboard and it is taking multiple and valiant attempts to keep my eyes open.

I really want to talk about fall colors, but I will have to leave that for next week.