Car tales

The car was rear-ended, again. In a parking lot. Watched it in slow-motion. Yet to recover from the sight.

The positive side of it is that when I took it for damage appraisal, they noticed a nail in one of the tires. Managed a day on the spare. Then it was back to the dealer. It cost to get it replaced, but it was a good thing. The prettiness of the rear-bumper will be fixed sometime this week or the next, once insurance pays. It is too expensive to deal with otherwise.

Spent hours with insurance folks. Necessary and tiring.

All the running around, with the job pressure these days, sleep difficulties, general life madness, ended up in a low blood pressure episode. Doctor wants to do a test for anemaia. Will put it off until the car thing is wrapped up.

So much to do and I still haven’t figured out half the things I wanted to this year. God, I used to be capable of more. I have grown lax in my middle-age. Maybe I should write off this year and leave the hard decisions for the next year. Procrastination is an easy escape.