Warship my wreck et al

So I just finished listening to the full Pale Emperor album. It had been on my list for a while, but I hadn’t got around to it. I feel it is a very well-done album, from start to end, in a way I haven’t felt about any of the Marilyn Manson albums except Holy Wood. So far, it might be even my favourite of his repertoire.

I loved the LA song and played it while I was there back in April – it fit the place, I thought. I hated the place.

This one is much more grungy than the traditional Manson sound. I think it is a better direction for him as an artist. However, I am not qualified to make a judgement like that. As a listener, I loved my experience. I feel bad about not getting to the Concord concert since I had travelled home during that time. Maybe I can make it to Sacramento later this year.

I feel it might very well be his most focussed album to date. His focus seems to go all over the place usually, and if it weren’t for the themes of religion and women and guns stringing together lyrics, the songs wouldn’t be very coherent. Listening to him, on earlier albums, requires searching for bits of intelligence and emotional depth strewn over a lot of expletives.

Well done.  Stay alive, stay sane, and make more music that is this good. Very well done.

I bought the Audio CD and I think it will go nicely with Cohen’s Popular Problems for a long car trip.

Here is my favourite of the day: