For all seasons

16 hour flights are tedious. In order to make mine bearable, I charged my Kindle, procured a few ebooks, got my reading scarf (red and warm and comfy).

I had failed to account for my reading pace. I found myself left at the end of the last novel I had on my list and still with three hours to spare. I thumbed through the books I had on the device, hoping against hope to find something new.

I ended up finding a book of haikus by a certain Professor Jim Cox. Curious, for I had no recollection of purchasing the book, I started reading. It gave me something to dwell upon for the next three hours. There was a little quiz suggested in the references. After I reached my connecting point, after I found a wifi spot, I typed in the website name into my browser and took the quiz. My eyebrows fairly flew up when I saw the results. There is something to be surprised about everyday.