Everything is contagious

The interns came this Monday. I took ill on the same day. The past few days have kept me busy battling a viral fever.  I managed to get through one of the two orientation sessions I had planned for the interns. That was before I lost my voice. I dragged my feet to work and was sent home with stern instructions not to come back until I felt better. Panicked, I got out the Nyquil and the Ibuprofen. Self-medication failed to make anything better, and I ran to the doctor.

“I have lost my voice,” I rasped.

“That is normal.”

I blink.

“Your body’s immune system will learn to fight it, and you will be stronger after that.”

When did life become a video-game? Accumulate experience battling viral infections to advance to the next level.

“Is it highly contagious?” I ask, each word difficult to articulate since my voice-box won’t cooperate.

“Everything is contagious.”

Even if I could speak easily, I wouldn’t have known what to reply. So I took the path of sensibility, which was the path of retreat. I made a pillow-fort, barricaded myself behind blankets, wrote long, meticulously detailed emails to the interns soaring on the wings of grumpy motivation granted by tea and soup.

This was my week and I have survived.