I was randomly browsing the stationery section of the local Target and reached the cards aisle. There was a row for Papyrus cards. I found so many cards I had purchased previously – for friends, for family, and for someone held more close. It was difficult to look at the cards and not remember. I took the easy way out, headed straight to the Starbucks, and purchased coffee. They made it decaf for me. I felt I should go back to the old ways and ask them to make it with caffeine. I found I couldn’t muster the energy to. Coffee itself is less of a lure than it once was, I find. My current addiction is to cherries from Trader Joe’s. It suits me this summer much better than iced coffee. Rainier cherries don’t seem to be here yet. I can’t wait for those.

Benefits of the move: closer to the airport, closer to work. What I don’t like: farther away from the city. I dislike the community here, in general. Often reminds me of the country I left and I have very few pleasant memories associated with the society there.

Have a demo on Monday to a few VPs who want to know the progress made since the last demo we gave a month ago to another set of VPs. I expect tomorrow to be nerve-wrackingly tense until they leave. Things will then be calm until we receive at the end of the week the tentative schedule for the next VP visit.