Quick recs, off the top of my head

Someone asked me today to rec some queerish films. Roughly, as I remember:

Maurice (my favourite)

Aimee et Jaguar

Of Monsters and Men


Brokeback Mountain

My beautiful laundrette


Priscilla, queen of the desert

Rocky Horror (it’s…it’s fishnets)

milk (though it is more politics than relationships)

Wild things, Basic Instinct (guilty pleasures and all that)

Thelma & Louise (what do they call it these days? bromances? sismances? )

Gia ( intense)

Notes on a scandal


Birdcage (Hollywood’s Priscilla? No, it’s actually a remake of La Cage aux Folles, an old one)


Velvet goldmine (because, Bowie)

Bent (this mixes everything – Nazis and war and Jews and homosexuality – not an easy watch)

Heavenly Creatures (this is what Peter Jackson was doing before New Zealand tourism commercials)

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (because…Bowie. It is a clash of Japanese and British film-making and takes getting used to)