You the fulcrum of a simple machine

It is rather worrisome to know how much hinged upon the fulcrum. It had all been by choice, and I suppose that serves as consolation.

It is rather worrisome to know how much there is to be done. I know what to do, but bitten by the serpent of procrastination I linger and stagnate.

Inaugurated my new cookware set. It is rather good – light-weight and easy to use.

Patharaathe munottu (without trembling, forwards) – The late Karunakaran had that slogan as the title of his articles in some newspaper, if I remember correctly. My family did not approve of him. I didn’t know much of his exploits. The slogan was memorable.

There is someone I was acquainted with during grad-school at the new complex – one of those many computer science men in the program there. He didn’t recognize me. At least, I think he didn’t, for he cast an appraising look my way (or rather, towards my legs). Surely, people don’t do that if they recognize the target?

“Where do you come from?” a co-worker asks, and I open a new browser tab to show him verdant green under monsoon skies. He looks taken by the beauty and says, “I wouldn’t want to leave a place so nice.” I hadn’t wanted to, either. I had no choice, though. So I left, and I feel like a walking tree looking to put down my roots somewhere.

Patharathe munottu, though.