I have done so many things in the time-span between last November and today.

Snow! I was blue, and shivering, and rambunctiously indulging the creation and launch of snowballs, giggling in glee. I walked across the bridge over the pond at Atlantic Station, towards the cafe, awed by the snow – the snow falling, the snow on the ground, the snow on my fingers, the snow on my black coat, the snow on the tree branches. I spent considerable amount of time gazing through the tall windows of the apartment at the snow carpeting the ground and lining the roofs. Georgia Tech had days off, which was an added bonus, given how rare it is for them to give days off.

Ice-skating! Given how little I ventured out from my daily path, the rink set up in Atlantic Station over the December holidays provided a lovely interlude. I wish that I had been less hampered by my fracture. I would have indulged more.

Graduation! I graduated (finally) in December. My old lab-mates would raise an eyebrow (or two) at the finally, but I was so very relieved to leave. The games to gain funding and the publish-or-perish mentality had not suited me. I found it difficult to believe that these were the most worthwhile things I could do. I am very glad to have left.

The Odyssey of a job search. It had been hell. I am grateful to those who helped me retain a semblance of sanity and perseverance during those dark days. As a side-note, this is a very good reason to not choose the degree I chose, unless you have a plan B.

Financial crisis. It was terrible. I am grateful to those who made sure I wasn’t homeless and starving. Also, I should remember the bankers who were understanding enough to waive fees and reschedule payment dates.

A job that I didn’t like very much. My tolerance for things I don’t like is very low. I had feared I’d not be able to perform at such a job. I learnt otherwise. I learnt a great many things. They were a startup full of creative and enthusiastic people and I learned that I liked things slower. They gave me a lot of free rein. I got to pick my interns, bring them aboard, work with them, learn from them and mentor them. Two of them decided to pursue a machine-learning grad-school program. At the end of their internship, I was so happy to write letters of recommendation for them. Brilliant kids.

A job that I like tremendously, but stress over fearing that I am not doing anything much that is valuable. I haven’t learned to handle this yet.

A professor, who taught me the magic of Kalman, died in May. I admired him greatly.

My brother is in his last year of undergraduate college.

Loans! I stress so over them. My father tells me they are a part of the salaried man’s life. My mother tells me not to stress and that it will be sorted out eventually. I am very worried.

Mises! The days of the job search were terrible. My life had little in it. Human Action is the only fond memory from those days. I used to sit on the boulder by the pond, wrapped in a shawl, Human Action on my lap, and a cup of coffee warm held in my hands. Spring blossoms were strewn across those pages, I remember, and I had to carefully remove them before turning a page.

A car accident. This was on Alma, and I rue the hour when I decided to take the Alma. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. I learned a new word – totalled.

I have lost all my wisdom teeth. I feel less wise, though no more young.

Back to LJ after a long hiatus! I am so, so very happy to be back amongst people who were instrumental in motivating me to write.

A car! She is the curviest, prettiest car I have seen. She has taken me faithfully up and down the 101 for three or more months. She has given me confidence in my driving skills. I had been unwilling to drive at night before, since my eyes water when the glare from the lights of other vehicles is intense. I am not sure that I am a better driver now, but I am a less stressed one. I think driving up and down the streets of San Francisco has contributed. I drove across the Golden Gate through the fog! It was a magical experience.

I went for my first late-night show alone. It was at the Symphony when the LSO had come over, and I was stuck in traffic at some unholy hour of the night in San Francisco. I felt very adult after that.

A new David Bowie album! Isn’t he the best?

I took my first selfie today.

I had my first smoothie last week.

I see you see me. When I think upon the past, I realize I have changed quite a lot, and that there are few aspects that I miss from the ‘I’ then.

I should get back to my Nano. The straight, straightforward story seems to have been hijacked by Pelops. This requires attention.