but this rose is an extra

I went for lunch with a friend at the main campus. It was sunny and there were many taking selfies near the entrance sign-post. I wondered if they would be back to take new selfies when the other campus opens. Elektra was a pleasant treat. That opera house is remarkably up and down in its … Continue reading but this rose is an extra

Summer out-takes

I wrote a referral recently for an old colleague. She said she wanted to work somewhere without sexual discrimination or harassment. I wished her good luck. She asked me about my experiences. I wisely kept my mouth shut. What purpose is there in dwelling over the old and the broken, or the now and the … Continue reading Summer out-takes

emperor of all maladies | ormen

I finished reading Siddhartha Mukherjee's biography on cancer (The Emperor of All Maladies). Throughout my read, I had to take breaks to write and sort out my own thoughts and memories. I have seen cancer take away people in the family, I have seen cancer take away people I have known through work and friendships, … Continue reading emperor of all maladies | ormen


I have a terrible weakness for cherries. A bowl of plump, red cherries is my Achilles' heel. I have rhapsodied about them before. It all started one fine morning in Portland, when I had been visiting a lovely friend there. She introduced me to the heaven that was Rainier cherries, and I developed an addiction … Continue reading Cherries

Puerto Rico

I took off to Puerto Rico for my summer vacation. It was a lovely place, of thunderstorms and warm seas, of coconut fronds and white sands, of people laid back, warm-hearted, and beautiful. There were rainforests and caves. There were luminescent bays and sparkling waterfalls. I spent a significant portion of my week's vacation in a swim-suit. … Continue reading Puerto Rico

trampolines | the art of giving (up)

As I often complain to those who listen, making a functional, reliable, cost-effective product at scale isn't the same as making an overly expensive, replaceable piece of hand-bling. It takes a great deal of good management and luck to bring teams who make the second to  be successful at the first. The organization I work for … Continue reading trampolines | the art of giving (up)

Palm Sunday | Easter

Religious occasions have a way of bringing certain concepts to the forefront of my thoughts: the concepts of family, home, and belonging. Perhaps it is because I grew up in a mostly religious family, and there were many religious institutions during my childhood. I was not fond of religion back then. I liked the peripherals. … Continue reading Palm Sunday | Easter