canticum solaris (2017)

It is good to be in New York. I haven't been here this year. It is cold and Sibelius's idea of fuzzy socks isn't sans merit. Friends did a cosy dinner for me in Brooklyn. By common accord, there are no halves, better or worse. It had become trickier, over the years, as some of … Continue reading canticum solaris (2017)

but my tongue is only numb

  There's no need to be Simon Bolivar, he tells me. I wonder, as I often do, how much of it is corporate shill and how much is his own ego. There is plenty of both to contend with in the jungle that is his mind. He is an interesting man, and provides plenty of … Continue reading but my tongue is only numb

a latter day’s saint

I was in Zion this weekend. I wondered, as I stood before the Towers of the Virgin, by the rushing waters, what the settlers from Salt Lake had thought of when moving here. Had they been living on the word alone, or had they been able to find sustenance in the canyon's maw? It must … Continue reading a latter day’s saint

strangers in the bright light

Today is the autumn equinox. Days draw shorter from here, and soon it will be Christmas. We are entering October, and now we are nearly done with 2017. I have a fondness for the last three months of the year. October is the last month to get any work done, and the first month to … Continue reading strangers in the bright light

but this rose is an extra

I went for lunch with a friend at the main campus. It was sunny and there were many taking selfies near the entrance sign-post. I wondered if they would be back to take new selfies when the other campus opens. Elektra was a pleasant treat. That opera house is remarkably up and down in its … Continue reading but this rose is an extra

Summer out-takes

I wrote a referral recently for an old colleague. She said she wanted to work somewhere without sexual discrimination or harassment. I wished her good luck. She asked me about my experiences. I wisely kept my mouth shut. What purpose is there in dwelling over the old and the broken, or the now and the … Continue reading Summer out-takes

emperor of all maladies | ormen

I finished reading Siddhartha Mukherjee's biography on cancer (The Emperor of All Maladies). Throughout my read, I had to take breaks to write and sort out my own thoughts and memories. I have seen cancer take away people in the family, I have seen cancer take away people I have known through work and friendships, … Continue reading emperor of all maladies | ormen


I have a terrible weakness for cherries. A bowl of plump, red cherries is my Achilles' heel. I have rhapsodied about them before. It all started one fine morning in Portland, when I had been visiting a lovely friend there. She introduced me to the heaven that was Rainier cherries, and I developed an addiction … Continue reading Cherries