emperor of all maladies | ormen

I finished reading Siddhartha Mukherjee's biography on cancer (The Emperor of All Maladies). Throughout my read, I had to take breaks to write and sort out my own thoughts and memories. I have seen cancer take away people in the family, I have seen cancer take away people I have known through work and friendships,… Continue reading emperor of all maladies | ormen

trampolines | the art of giving (up)

As I often complain to those who listen, making a functional, reliable, cost-effective product at scale isn't the same as making an overly expensive, replaceable piece of hand-bling. It takes a great deal of good management and luck to bring teams who make the second to  be successful at the first. The organization I work for… Continue reading trampolines | the art of giving (up)

Palm Sunday | Easter

Religious occasions have a way of bringing certain concepts to the forefront of my thoughts: the concepts of family, home, and belonging. Perhaps it is because I grew up in a mostly religious family, and there were many religious institutions during my childhood. I was not fond of religion back then. I liked the peripherals.… Continue reading Palm Sunday | Easter

the last realm | no safe place

When I first read the Quenta Silmarillion, Melian's lands behind the girdle was an idea I clung to - the last safe space, the last domain where good still held sway. There was madness and fighting in Beleriand, there were fanatics and fools beyond the lands held safe by Melian's magic, and there was only… Continue reading the last realm | no safe place